About Us

Post & Vine is the dream of two gals that met years ago while working at a Napa Valley winery.   They desired to produce wines that reflect a sense of place, and the care and pride that goes into the vineyards and wine making.  With a focus on small historical vineyards that have been managed sustainably by committed stewards, Post & Vine wine aims to tell a great story with every glass.

The Post & Vine label represents the connection between the land and the wine, and the lasting connections made through grape sourcing, wine making, promoting and offering small lot wines. The bluebird represents celebration and happiness, the way Rebekah and Erica feel with this opportunity to do what they love.

Consider reinventing yourself by doing something you love, and experience that dream in every bottle.”

These sentiments personify the Post & Vine business philosophy and we hope you enjoy the results of our venture.


           Rebekah and Erica